Bath House Personal Care Station

Bath House Personal Care Station

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  Bath House Personal Care Station

Our Bath House Personal Care Station is ideal for treating and enhancing the skin after wellness treatments, Infrared Saunas, Steam Room and Hammans, Flotation Therapy, Mineral Pools, Cold Plunge and Cryotherapy. 


Heat therapy stimulates healing and reparative Heat Shock Proteins; these can also be stimulated via our formulation's carefully selected natural clinical ingredients. For cold therapy, we use natural clinical ingredients from Alpine areas. These extracts are sustainably grown; during manufacture, they are 'wounded' and exposed to temperature extremes to unlock their nurturing and reparative qualities. 


Each product is suitable for enhancing most wellness center experience. 


The treatment itself has a stimulating and reparative effect on the skin. This is further enhanced by using skincare that nourishes deeply, nurtures, and intensely moisturizes.

For use with or without Wellness Treatments

"Help to pause ageing"

These products can also be used as standalone products to help produce effects similar to those of thermotherapy (Hot and Cold Therapy) on the skin.

Stimulating and hydrating, they replenish moisture deep down in the skin. They have been developed to nurture the skin after harsh mineral treatments, to soothe and keep skin fresh and radiant after heat treatments and to assist the anti-ageing effects of cryotherapy. The natural plant bulb extracts that we formulate with help to "freeze" the ageing process and to keep skin in a state of equilibrium, helping to put ageing on pause. 

helping to moisturize on the inside, increase radiance, cooling, soothing and nourish the skin with natural tropical and Brazilian butters, high-tech Alpine extracts and 


Recovery for your skin


Increase radiance, hydrate deeply, reduce cell senescence, reduce redness, nourish deeply, replenish skin, deep potency against wrinkles.

Our products produce excellent results when treating fine lines and deep wrinkles, dull skin, jet lag, pollution, insomnia, stress, they help to reduce the effects of Cortisol and mitigating the effects of Adrenaline. 


Tahitiflower Micellar Water 200ml 

The Exotics Anti-Ageing Mist 150ml 

Sea Moss Cooling Gel Cream 200ml 

Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Pollution Serum 200ml

12,000 Petals Anti-Ageing Oil 100ml 

24 Karat Gold Body Oil 100ml

Tahitiflower Anti-Ageing Cream with Cupuacua and Mango Butter 200ml 


Step 1: Cleanse

Tahitiflower Micellar Water

·        Clean skin without water

·        Hydrating and non-drying

·        Whisks away dirt

Step 2: Refresh and moisturise

The Exotics Face Mist

·        Helps to “Freeze” the aging process

·        Keeps fibroblasts in a young state

·        Slows cell senescence

·        Anti-wrinkle

·        Reduces perspiration

·        Plant-based bulb technology

Step 3: Post Infrared

Cool, soothed, supple skin

Thalassotherapy Cooling Gel Cream

·        Soothing and cooling

·        Hydrates without being greasy

·        Low molecular hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin deeply

·        Protective

Step 3: Floatation

Replenish, Nourish and Anti-Wrinkle

12,000 Petals Anti-Wrinkle Oil

·        Stimulates collagen and elastin

·        Promotes elasticity and softness

·        Astringent

·        100% natural, 100% plant-based, 100% active

·        Good for congested skin

·        Smooths wrinkles

·        Highly nourishing

·        Works on fine lines, discoloration

·        Good for broken capillaries

Step 4: Nurture, hydrate deeply, anti-wrinkle

Tahitiflower Anti-Wrinkle Cream with Cupuacua and Mango Butter

·        Helps to “Freeze” the ageing process

·        Rehydrate, calm, and soothe irritated

·        Evidence-based

·        For dry, flaky skin

·        Increases barrier function and moisture levels (NMF)

·        Emollient and anti-inflammatory

·        Softer skin

·        Keeps fibroblasts in a young state

·        Slows cell senescence

·        Anti-wrinkles

·        Reduces perspiration

·        Plant-based bulb technology

·        Dormancy in the aging process

Step 5: Protect

Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Pollution Serum

                 Protects skin from pollution

                 Assists with sun damage

                 Double hyaluronic acid

Body : 24 Karat Gold Body Oil

                 Fights sun damage

                 For maximum skin tonicty and softness


                 No fillers, edible gold, and edible nontoxic body shimmer

                 Reduces inflammation



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