About our Founder, Kimberley 

Wellness Atmosphere is an innovative new beauty and wellness brand created by beauty disruptor, qualified Meditation Instructor and Well-Being Coach Kimberley Pearson. After completing her MBA, Kimberley created the first paraben free luxury natural spa brand that was Australian made. As Kimberley's vision has matured with the market to incorporate a wellness philosophy into her beauty products her latest offering, Wellness Atmosphere delivers on results, quality, and ethics.

Vegan, clean and results oriented, Wellness Atmosphere boosts our skin care regime and assists in creating complete beauty and wellness routines. From Meditation and Yoga Techniques to crystal wellness items, and effective spa grade skin care, Wellness Atmosphere delivers on and steps up what clients expect from their wellness and beauty experience. 

Kimberley has 20 years of experience with beauty and skin care, having exported her previous brands to Europe, the UK and the USA. Kimberley has had her previous brands stocked at Zimmerman, Henri Bendel 5th Avenue, Fred Segal, Blow Ltd and other well-respected, high-end stores. 

Previous brands have been featured on TODAY SHOW USA, Marie Claire USA, French Grazia, German Cosmopolitan, The Australian Women's Weekly, WWD and Vogue.

Kimberley’s background in skincare 

As the creator of one of the first paraben-free clean brands in Australia, Kimberley has created a new wellness brand that merges wellness, beauty and self-care, offering skin care tailored to be an integral part of your self-care ritual. Having begun her skincare journey at a young age, Kimberley utilises her extensive experience and knowledge to source top-tier ingredients that are rare, powerful and luxurious. 

Kimberley has a belief in a mind, body and spirit connection; each product is designed to delight the senses, offer superior results with the best ingredients possible and promote well-being, self-care and nurturing principles. With a love for innovation and vast knowledge of the wellness space, Kimberley is inspired to continue to produce high-quality beauty products using premium ingredients for an enriched experience. 

With a passion for wellness, Kimberley is able to utilise her product development and professional expertise to create a beauty and wellness range focused on the practice of self-care and empowerment.