Evidence-Based Clinical Ingredients

Narcissus Tazetta Bulb

     An extract that preserves skin cells, youth, and existing telomeres by slowing down cell proliferation. Anti-aging skin care via telomeres preservation. Therefore it is an anti-wrinkle, whitening, and lightening. It can also delay undesired hair growth, and extend an artificial tan. Excellent for the body, as it reduces perspiration and keeps skin in a dormant state, that is, it assists in functioning to protect skin from the ageing process. 

    • Reduce perspiration 
    • Soften wrinkles 
    • Slows cell senescence 
    • Preserves telomere length 
    • Preserves fibroblasts

    Snowflake Bulb

    An extract that smooths the skin and reduces wrinkles, and relaxes muscle cells. Has skin lightening properties - via melanin synthesis inhibition and slowdown of melanocyte proliferation. Also protects the skin from oxidative damage. Slows down aging by slowing down cell proliferation to maintain youth.

    • Reduces wrinkles 
    • Natural Botox, wrinkle-freezing effect
    • Imbued with the nutrients of dormant bulbs, these are known to help with "dormancy", that is, assisting skin in not progressing as quickly through the ageing process. 
    • Assists with pigmentation 
    • Nutritive, anti-oxidant

    Plankton extract 

     Studies conducted by our supplier on this ingredient have shown: 

    • Restores the basal expression of kallikreins, thus preventing skin thinness, wrinkle appearance, and dryness
    • Inhibits the two key neurotransmitters (cortisol and adrenalin) creating a relaxed skin appearance and eluding premature aging signals
    • Avoids the upregulation of prolactin and DLL1 under stress situations, keeping the normal hair cycle and preventing stress-related hair loss
    • Reduces hands’ sweatiness and acute sweating crisis. Most users feel more comfortable with their hands since using the product
    • Dramatically reduced wrinkle depth by 15% and skin scaliness by 13% in just 15 days
    • Also boosted skin radiance in just 15 days thanks to its powerful relaxation effects on the skin
    • Reduces the appearance of dark circles delivering a relaxed and energized look (p < 0.05 vs. Day 0


    Adrenaline affects mainly fibroblasts migration, collagen products and wound healing, adrenaline disrupts immunity. 

  • Relaxed skin appearance 
  • Fatigue and inner stress
  • Reduce wrinkles and scaliness
  • Improves firmness and elasticity 
  • Decreases sweat
  • Increases radiance 

    Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, Hyaluronic Acid, Comfrey Extract and Onion Extract Extract.

    • Nano encapsulate
    • Redensifies the skin 
    • Intensifies the cell renewal process
    • Anti-inflammatory 
    • Improves keloid scarring 
    • Deep Hydration 
    • Improves elasticity and softness
    • Nose-to-mouth line softening 
    • Tensor/Lifting effect 
    • High in amino acids 
    • Increases skin volume and density 


    In studies conducted by the supplier: 

    • 77% improvement perceived the facial contour 
    • 81% thought is improved hydration 
    • 74% felt skin had more elasticity 
    • 81% said skin felt softer 
    • 81% noticed the reduction of fine lines 
    • 74% noticed the reduction of deep wrinkles 
    • 77% perceived that they filled the deepest lines of expressions 

    Nano Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic acid has a high ability to bind the water molecule forming a cohesive block.  
    • Anti-Ageing
    • Wrinkle Filling 
    • Hydration 
    • Enhancement and restoration of facial volume 
    • Decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles of expression 
    • Enhances and restores facial volume 

     Hyaluronic Acid and Senegal Acacia 

    • 100% of test volunteers reported skin firmness and skin appearance 
    • Immediate lifting effect 
    • Wrinkle filler 
    • Increases firmness and elasticity 
    • Protects the skin from free radicals
    • Used daily it promotes a gradual reduction of wrinkles 
    • Promotes lifting effect by reported 67%
    • Improves skin firmness by reported 100% 
    • Improves the skin appearance by reported 100% 
    • Improves skin firmness reported by 67% of respondents by an average of 17%

      Alpine Rose Stem Cells Extract: 

      • Based on the healing mechanism of a plant and gained by "wounding the plant" 
      • The cells are exposed to low temperatures to acclimatize them to cold
      • Increases the vitality of epidermal stem cells 
      • Protects epidermal stem cells against stress 


      Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid 7000 DA

      • Most Hyaluronic Acid washes away and sits on top of the skin
      • Low molecular weight HA penetrates the horny layer of the skin and also covers the skin surface, moisturizing from the top and moisturizing in the skin.
      • Studies show that low molecular weight HA moisturizes twice as much as regular HA 
      • Unlike moisturizer it is sweat proof 
      • Increases elasticity 

       Monks Pepper Extract: 

      • Increase in skin hydration and skin firmness
      • Decrease in wrinkle depth
      • Stimulation of cell activity
      • Increase in collagen I and III 
      • Increases skin hydration and firmness
      • Minimizes fine wrinkles and deeper lines
      • Stimulates collagen production

      Ceramide Blend: 

      • Phytosphingosine 
      • Multi-lamellar 
      • Restore skin's natural barrier

       Germinated Rye Seed: 

      In the event of external stress, such as thermal shock, UV exposure, or exposure to pollution, HSP synthesis is induced and they act as molecular chaperones to repair damaged proteins. As skin ages, the HSP response to stress becomes slower and weaker, compromising the skin’s natural defense.

      To fight against this deterioration, germinated rye extract acts as a precondition of skin cells, helping them to respond more vigorously to external stress by faster, stronger synthesis of repairing HSPs when the cell really needs it. This helps prevent premature skin aging.

      • Repairs skin damage
      • Repairs skin overnight 
      • Helps skin defend against extreme conditions 
      • Repairs by stimulating Heat Shock Proteins
      • Stimulation of Heat Shock Proteins slows over time