Ingredient Philosophy

Wellness Atmosphere's range intentionally addresses the mind/body connection. Our ingredients set a mood or atmosphere in your home and have a visible effect on the skin. They are also selected for their aromatherapy benefits, are a delight for the senses, help to promote relaxation, boost your mood and form a part of your self-care routine. 

Clean, results driven, clinically effective ingredients make Wellness Atmosphere products of the highest quality. Plant-based and ethically sourced, our range is comprised of clinically proven plant extracts, premium essential oils, luxurious base oils including Rose Hip Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil and Camellia oil, and edible precious metals.

Our products have been formulated with clean edible ingredients. 

  • Edible grade 24 Karat Gold
  • Edible grade Silver 
  • Edible grade Gold Mica/Shimmer (24 Karat Gold Body Oil)
  • Edible Organic Fuchsia Flowers (12,000 Petals) 
  • Edible Freeze Dried David Austin White Rose Petals 
  • Edible Freeze Dried Cornflower Petals 
  • Edible Organic Linaria 

Some of the most luxury and effective skin care ingredients are found in nature including Neroli Essential Oil ($15,000 kg) and Rose Essential Oil ($8,000 kg). 12,000 Petals 24 Karat Gold Anti-Wrinkle Oil has been named 12,000 Petals because it contains the equivalent of 12,500 petals of essential oils.

The base oils for this product include Sacha Inchi, Rose Hip Oil and Camellia oil. Our anti-ageing oil 24 Karat Gold Anti-Ageing Body Oil is a face grade oil for the body and is slightly different formula to our signature face oil and in a lighter base that is more suitable for a body care product. 

Sacred Space

Our Sacred Space products are comprised of crystals, subtle and sophisticated scents with superior scent throw and edible grade premium flowers. They have been created to help to create a tranquil atmosphere and can be used before meditation, yoga, self-care routines or relaxing.

Crystal Wellness Items

Our Crystal Dome Water Bottles and Double Walled Crystal Tea Infusers contain premium crystals and come with a 'leak free' guarantee. 

We also sell a limited range of Crystal Geodes, and statement Quartz Crystal lamps and pieces to help promote an atmosphere of healing and relaxation in the home.