Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit

Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit
Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit

Divine Retreat Self-Care Kit

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Feel like a goddess with this nutrient rich box of clinically active vegan, natural skin care and wellness items. It contains a curated selection of up-to-date products formulated with the very latest natural anti-ageing technology.

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1: Skin Care 

If you take your natural skin care routine seriously, why not try the first Anti-Ageing Body Oil and our star product 12,000 Petals Anti-Wrinkle Face Oil. If you want skin that glows with radiance and health our products do not disappoint. It also contains The Exotics Anti-Ageing Mist which contains exotic Daffodil and Snowflake bulbs, both of which are evidence based natural actives. 

2. Self-Care

Create a retreat or your own sacred space in which to relax, replenish and recharge with hypnotic Meditation Room Mist, coastal Whitehaven Room Diffuser, and keep your wellness water cold with our premium Crystal Dome Shaped Amethyst Water Bottle. 

3. Wellness Tools and Meditations

The Divine Relaxation Kit includes our Wellness Coaching Self-Care Kit, of tools used by Wellness Coaches in coaching sessions. Learn several meditation techniques, improve your quality of life and reach your goals with Affirmations, The Wheel of Life, and self-care techniques.

With a total value of $330 your Divine Relaxation Self-Care Ritual Box includes: 

    • 12,000 Petals 24 Karat Gold Anti-Wrinkle Oil 30ml $65
    • 24 Karat Gold Anti-Anti-Aging Body Oil 100ml $75
    • The Exotics Anti-Ageing Mist 100ml $50
    • Meditation Hour Room Mist $40
    • Whitehaven Room Diffuser $55
    • Amethyst¬†Dome Crystal Water Bottle 500ml¬†
    • Affirmation Guide¬†
    • 3 A4 Meditations¬†
    • 3 Rituals¬†
    • Referenced article on 5 Mood-Boosting Tips¬†
  • Smoothie Recipe¬†

12,000 Petals 24 Karat Gold Anti-Wrinkle Oil 30ml 

The crème de la crème of face oils 12,000 Petals pulls out every star ingredient to turn your skin around. Formulated specifically for wrinkles and sun damage, it will help your skin glow and brighten your day with its hypnotic scent. 12,000 Petals was formulated originally as a spa treatment oil and was used by facialists as an anti-ageing treatment as a part of spa facials. It contains the equivalent of 12,500 petals. The base oils are a premium blend of Camellia, Sacha Inchi, Jojoba and Rose Hip Oil.  12,000 Petals contains the most expensive skin care ingredients available, Rose Oil contains 300 chemical compounds, ($8000 per kilo), Neroli ($15,000 per kilo), Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense. Many of these ingredients have been used as potent anti-ageing treatments for millennia. 

24 Karat Gold Anti-Ageing Body Oil 100ml

Feel like a goddess with soft, supple skin that shimmers. A world first, 24 karat gold anti-wrinkle body oil has been specifically formulated to fight sun damage and skin ageing on the body, keep your skin toned, hydrated, firm and soft to the touch by using this oil nightly. It contains no fillers and is formulated with non-toxic edible grade shimmer. It is the body version of our hero product, 12,000 Petals Anti-Wrinkle Face Oil. It contains no fillers and is 100% active, and 100% natural.

Decadence, in a bottle, the hypnotic aroma of Jasmin Sambac (Indian Jasmine), Rose Essential Oil and Sandalwood Essential oil is sophisticated and subtle and a wonderful addition to your nightly self-care ritual. Keep your skin toned, hydrated, firm and soft to the touch by using this oil nightly. 

The Exotics Anti-Ageing Mist 100ml

Formulated with Anti-Aging ingredients skin feels hydrated and luminous due to Narcissus Tazetta and Snowflake Bulb. Formulated for the face, this toner that can be used on the body and the face. 

Narcissus Tazetta Bulb (Daffodil) has been shown to increase elasticity by up to 70% and decrease wrinkles by up to 70%. Few botanical actives are as potent as Narcissus Tazetta; it slows down cell proliferation, delays telomere senescence, and like the bulb from which it is harvested it 'transfers' dormancy to the skin, helping it to remain 'dormant' and youthful.

Summer Snowflake Bulb helps to reduce muscle contraction, and clinical studies show a dramatic reduction in expression lines, up to 100%.

Meditation Hour Room Mist 100ml

Meditation Mist is ideal to use prior to yoga, meditation, or in your bedroom. Create your ideal space with our mist that appeals to your senses. 

Top notes: Leather, Bay Leaf
Mid notes: Floral, Geranium, Rose, Patchouli
Base notes: Sandalwood, Amyris, Amber, Cedarwood, Musk

Amethyst Crystal Dome Water Bottle 

Perfect for yoga, the gym, or the beach, this dome-shaped water bottle, with crystals, keeps your beverage of choice cold. Our premium crystals act like 'cold rocks' helping to keep your smoothie or green water cool. Amethyst is a calming crystal, often used in meditation.

Whitehaven Room Diffuser

Inspired by the smell of fresh tropical blooms after a sun shower on the Caribbean island of Tobago; the fragrance opens with a luscious accord of juicy ripe honeydew melon touched by delicate aspects of violet leaf greens flowing into a bouquet of flowers combining the Tobago national bloom chaconia with rose, freesia, and lily of the valley finished with a wood blend of patchouli and vetiver wrapped in velvet musk.

 Top notes: Melon, Green, Violet Leaf

Mid notes: Rose, Violet, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Peach

Base notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Strawberry, Musk, Amber


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12,000 Petals 24 Karat Gold Anti-Wrinkle Oil 30ml

Signature product 12,000 Petals contains the essential oil of 12,000 Petals from Rose, Neroli and Geranium. Performance and potency is further enhanced by the inclusion of Frankincense, Rose Hip, Sacha Inchi, Camellia and 24 Karat Gold. This is a premium oil that is a cut above other face oils; it contains a blend of premium base oils such as Rose Hip, Camellia, Sacha Inchi and the most effective anti-wrinkle oils available.

Anti-wrinkle 12,000 Petals Rose is formulated with essential oils that work on skin tone, texture, lines and ageing. Essential fatty acids in Rose Hip Oil and Sacha Inchi, help to create clearer more beautiful skin. 24 Karat gold flakes and 24 Karat gold dust are purifying and antioxidant and subtly illuminate the skin.

24 Karat Gold Anti-Ageing Body Oil 100ml
Like face-grade oil but for the body, anti-wrinkle multi-taskers like Rose Maroc and Sandalwood, Rose Hip, and Camellia provide the skin with nourishing ingredients that soften and delicately scent the skin. Formulated for the body with a lighter texture than anti-wrinkle oils for the face. A subtle shimmer is imparted to the skin with 24 Karat Gold and body shimmer.

Exhale Calming Mist
Brings instant calm to the body and the skin. Floral waters are created during the distillation of essential oils. Exhale Calming Mist contains Sandalwood Water, Lavender Water, and Rose Geranium Water. This product is ideal for promoting inner calm in moments of stress, refreshing the skin, or for use as a toner.

Glass Drink Bottle with Rose Crystal
Similar to the concept of cold rocks, this glass bottle keeps water cold. Try taking it to yoga, the pool, or the beach. Fill it with green water every night (use 1 tsp of chlorophyll and a squeeze of lemon) and have this refreshing and alkalizing drink as soon as you wake up.

Meditation Hour Candle
Hypnotic and deeply relaxing, light this candle as you practice yoga or meditate. Meditation Hour is scented with a fragrance reminiscent of Mysore Sandalwood. Top note of leather, middle notes of Geranium, Rose, Patchouli, and Base notes of Sandalwood, Amyris, Amber, Cedarwood, and Musk.

Amethyst and Rose Quartz Jar Room Diffuser
A beautiful addition to any bathroom countertop. Packaged in a heavy-based premium jar with a golden interior. Filled with amethyst and rose quartz. If you like subtle fragrances drop your favorite essential oil or fragrance oil onto these crystals once a week. Supplied with 2 scents; Whitehaven Coastal Scent and The Exotics.

Self-Care items:
Have been carefully curated by a certified Meditation Teacher and Self-Care Coach with expertise in self-care practices

Fill your Rose Quartz Crystal Water bottle with green water, stream your favorite music, light Wellness Atmosphere Meditation Hour Candle, and select one of the deep breathing exercises from our Deep Breathing Guide. To relax your mind and your body add Balneotherapy soak, Exhale Calming Bath Infusion, to your bath. Mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt is detoxifying, purifying, and restorative, it has 10 times the minerals of regular sea salt. Or, to invigorate your senses and reveal softer skin apply Bora Bora Sand Scrub in gentle circles to your body, finishing your shower with cold water. Spritz your face and body with Exhale Calming Mist then open 12,000 Petals 24 Karat Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Oil bottle. Take a moment to inhale the scent of mood-boosting anti-aging oils Rose, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Frankincense. Apply 5 drops of Face Oil to your fingers. Massage into skin. Complete your self-care ritual by massaging 24 Karat Gold Anti-Ageing Body Oil into the skin to deeply nourish, hydrate the body and soothe the senses.

Our botanical ingredients

Ylang Ylang

For anti-sun damage, and anti-wrinkle effects, Ylang Ylang is a core ingredient in our 24 Carat Gold Anti-Wrinkle Oil


For anti-sun damage, and anti-wrinkle effects.


Known for its skin enhancing effects, rose oil is used as a base in all our face and body oils.

Our signature face oil

12,000 Petals

This product is formulated with essential oils from flower petals that are known to reduce sun damage, smooth fine lines, increase radiance, and reduce the appearance of scars.
Wellness Atmosphere 12,000 Petals Face Oil
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