Mini Grooming Skincare Set

Mini Grooming Skincare Set

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Mini Grooming Skincare Set 


The Mini Grooming Skincare Set is ideal for use after an Infrared Sauna or Flotation Therapy. This skincare set has been tailored for use after wellness treatments, helping to stimulate radiance, and to enhance the beneficial effects of minerals and Red and Infrared Light on the skin. 

Stimulating and hydrating, these products replenish moisture deep down in the skin. They have been developed to nurture the skin after mineral treatments and to soothe and keep skin fresh and radiant after heat treatments. We formulate with natural plant bulb extracts, which help to "freeze" the ageing process and keep skin in a state of equilibrium, helping to put ageing on pause. 


1. 200ml Sea Moss Cooling Gel Cream

·        Soothing and cooling

·        Hydrates without being greasy

·        Low molecular hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin deeply

·        Protective

2. 200ml Tahitiflower Nurturing Cream with Cupuacua Butter and Plant Bulbs 

  Helps to “Freeze” the ageing process

·        Rehydrate, calm, and soothe irritated

·        Evidence-based

·        For dry, flaky skin

·        Increases barrier function and moisture levels (NMF) 

 Emollient and anti-inflammatory

·        Softer skin

·        Keeps fibroblasts in a young state

·        Slows cell senescence

·        Anti-wrinkles

·        Reduces perspiration

·        Plant-based bulb technology

·        Dormancy in the aging process

3. 100ml 12,000 Petals Anti-Wrinkle Face Oil 

 Stimulates collagen and elastin

·        Promotes elasticity and softness

·        Astringent

·        100% natural, 100% plant-based, 100% active

·        Good for congested skin

·        Smooths wrinkles

·        Highly nourishing

·        Works on fine lines, discoloration

·        Good for broken capillaries

4.150ml The Exotics Mist 

    Helps to “Freeze” the aging process

·        Keeps fibroblasts in a young state

·        Slows cell senescence

·        Anti-wrinkles

·        Reduces perspiration

·        Plant-based bulb technology


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