Hot and Cold Therapy

Recovery for your skin

Wellness Atmosphere is the first brand specifically developed to soothe, cool, hydrate, and calm skin after wellness center treatments.

Soothing, calming, cooling, and rehydrating, our skincare contains high-grade natural, vegan approved cosmeceuticals to calm stressed skin, leaving your skin supple, hydrated, and radiant after self-care and wellness treatments.

Perfect during and after cryotherapy facials and body treatments, post Infrared Sauna, cold plunge or ice bath, or to cocoon skin in natural clinically proven ingredients post magnesium or Dead Sea float, the developer of this range has drawn upon decades of experience, including creating natural spa grade body treatments, and products for facialists that have been used at destination and day spas Australia wide. Our products are synonymous with deep hydration, drenching the skin in moisture with low molecular hyaluronic acid, ceramides and collagen, helping the skin to retain moisture, to appear smooth and cushioned, and stimulate the skin's NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor.) 

This range has been formulated to combat environmental and temperature extremes. Our products contain serum-strength ingredients, and each stay-on product is formulated with a minimum of 5 x 5 Star™clinically tested ingredients.

We select ingredients that have been studied for efficacy; in vivo studies show that these ingredients have a visible effect. Our products reduce wrinkles, increase skin radiance, and provide the ultimate in skin comfort and rejuvenation. Wellness Atmosphere products multi-task, improve sun-damaged skin, help to reduce fine lines, firm, and promote radiance. 

They assist with temperature extremes, dryness, skin plumping, and soothing. Our aromatherapy face oil, mist, and body oil range are formulated with herbs and essential oils selected to help our clients relax, soothe inflamed skin, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Suitable for use after temperature extremes, including mineral, magnesium, Dead Sea pools, cold plunge pools, Infrared Saunas, Turkish Steam Rooms, Lomi Lomi, and Kahuna massages. 

Therapeutic skincare with cosmeceutical ingredients 

  • Serum strength 
  • Evidence-based actives 
  • A minimum of 5 x 5 Star™clinically tested ingredients.
  • Superior skin feel 
  • Up to 100% active and 100% natural 
  • In vivo tested actives 
  • No "label claim" ingredients 

This brand was the first natural paraben free brand to exhibit at the Australian Beauty Expo in 2002. A trailblazer and disrupter, Kimberley helped create a paradigm shift in skincare by formulating without parabens years before the Dabre study (2005), which found parabens in the majority breast cancer tumours.

In a cluttered beauty market, we don't introduce a product if it isn't novel, or we can't up the ante and produce something new to the area. 

Point of difference: 

  • Other ranges have been developed for spa and destination spas and not wellness centre treatments.
  • Other brands do not contain clinically tested actives 
  • Against beauty culture and empty promises 
  • Against 'label claim' culture in the beauty industry 
  • Some wellness centres use generic skincare that has not been developed specifically for the wellness centre, and recovery centre experience.