How To Do Rituals At Home

The Rituals: 

This kit is supplied with 3 self-care rituals, an Affirmation Guide, 3 Meditation Resources, and a resource on simple mood-boosting tips written by certified Meditation Facilitator and Self-Care Coach, Kimberley Pearson. There is a Morning Ritual, Evening Ritual, and Twice Per Week Ritual. 

Step 1: Fill WA Rose Quartz Crystal Dome Water Bottle with lemon water or herbal/wellness supplement.

Step 2: To create a ‘Sacred Space’. Light ‘WA Meditation Candle’ or spray ‘WA Meditation Mist’.

Step 3: Select an A4 Meditation Guide (Goals Card, Deep Breathing Card, Labyrinth Card) or practice some yoga.

Step 4: Create our Summer Smoothie Bowl from the recipe download.

Step 5: After bathing spritz your face and body with WA Exhale Calming Mist.

Step 6: Open WA 24 Karat Gold Anti-Ageing Body Oil and inhale the scent of Rose, Sandalwood, and Indian Jasmine.

How to do a candle meditation:

Candle meditation is a mindfulness practice; take 4 deep breaths and then gaze softly at the bottom of the lit wick. Allow your thoughts to drift past, keeping your focus on the soft flicker of the flame. If you lose focus bring your attention back to your breath and your gaze back to the base of the wick. This candle has a double wood wick which is ideal for this type of meditation. Keep this candle on your desk or in your workspace to help you to gain clarity or bring back a sense of equilibrium when feeling stressed.