50 Self-care Ideas: Treat yourself, Do something active, Or at home

self care bathing 



Treat yourself to:

 Get a massage

Go for a float

Go for an infrared sauna

Buy new piece of clothing you like

Buy an aromatherapy or relaxation product 

Buy yourself flowers

Take a day trip

Browse in a bookstore

Go to a trivia night

Stream some new music 

Buy a book 

Go to a meditation class

Have a spa day 


Do something active:

 Go dancing

See a band

Take a walk on the beach

Take a walk in a rainforest

Walk in nature or in a park

Go to a yoga class

Learn candle making

Take a paint and sip class

Have an adventure day

Go on a day trip

Volunteer at a refuge

Have a creative date with friends

Visit an art gallery or museum

At Home:

Cook a new recipe

Put on an outfit you feel good in  

Write in a journal

Do something creative

Take a bath in aromatherapy bath salts

Read some uplifting fiction

Write a prayer list and pray for other people

Write a 20-point gratitude list

Have a games night

Write a poem


Do a creative visualisation exercise

Write a song


Do some stretching to music

Do yoga

Listen to music

Cuddle with a pet

Practice deep breathing (google the Wimhof method)

Plant some herbs or flowers

Have a movie marathon with friends

Reread a favourite book or rewatch a favourite movie

Make time to stay in contact with people who are important to you

Apply aromatherapy oils to your skin

Make some skincare 

Call a friend 


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