How to cultivate a positive mindset


I am a Wellness Coach and qualified Meditation Instructor. I recommend several different methods for creating a positive mindset or refreshing it if someone or something negatively impacts your mindset or attitude.


  1. Practicing Creative Visualisation Meditation

This helps us give our subconscious mind a new message and keep a visual in the direction of our goals. When we go into the Alpha and Theta states, we help to rest and reset our minds.

  1. Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal for 30 days can help you develop a positive mindset. Focusing on the positive helps us to develop a more optimistic attitude and assists us in attracting positive people and experiences.

  1. Gratitude Master List 100 Points of Gratitude

When I have experienced control in relationships or when I have been impacted negatively by circumstances beyond my control I have overcome a negative mindset by finding a quiet space and writing down 100 things that I am grateful for.

  1. Self-Care Thermotherapy

Try cryotherapy, cold plunge, a mood-boosting Infrared Sauna, a walk at the beach, Forest Bathing, or a Lomi Lomi massage. See the world anew and allow the physical aspect of negativity, trauma or stress to dissipate via touch, or hot and cold therapy.

  1. Neurocycle

A Neurocycle is a mind mapping technique developed to help rewire the brain that was developed by Dr Caroline Leaf. The Neurocycle technique can be downloaded as an app, it is also available in her book Cleaning up the Mental Mess. Completing a full 62-day Neurocycle helps you totally reset your mindset and gain control over how you feel about a situation.  

  1. A Gratitude Meditation

I have developed a gratitude meditation that I refer to as a Touchstone Meditation. Visualise 10 stepping stones ahead of you, the first three are things are things you are grateful for, then recall three experiences, the best moments of your life, then visualize three goals, try to recall how you felt when thinking of the first six items as you visualise your three goals. This helps to shift your mindset from “can’t do” to “can do”.

Start with 8 box breaths of 4, relax your body from head to toe, then visualise each stone and the corresponding gratitude point, experience or goal. Stepping stone number 10 is the Touchstone, select what you are most grateful for or the best experience, recall the memory, thank God or the universe. When you return to your natural waking consciousness you will be feeling positive and more optimistic.

Check my YouTube channel for my Touchstone Meditation.

  1. Create a Vision Board, a Vision Journal, or an Affirmations List.

Gather images from the internet or magazines and write positive statements next to them. For more information on how to write affirmations, see my blog article on Affirmations or download our Affirmation Resource.

  1. EMDR

EMDR can only be performed by a trained psychotherapist. It involves rapid eye movement, which helps to unstick trauma in the Limbic system. EMDR is a good alternative to talk therapy; some events are too traumatic to verbalize, and they get stuck in our minds in a nonverbal form. Survivors of traumatic events and abusive situations sometimes cannot adequately explain what happened; the traumatic event is trapped in a non-verbal form, and this can be ‘stuck’ in a loop in the brain. It is a good idea to practice some form of self-care after EMDR sessions.

  1. Learn from others who have succeeded.

Read success books by John C Maxwell and Dr Jo Dispensa, or any of the books below.  Download autobiographies from well-known figures who have overcome difficulties or risen to the top to be world-leading figures. Try downloading the Masterclass app to see how industry leaders think and ascertain how their attitudes and mindsets could differ from yours.

  1. Positive Thinking Coach

See a therapist or a qualified Wellness Coach with an additional qualification in Positivity Coaching. Learn NLP or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to defeat depression and negative mindsets.

Suggested Reading:

Stop Self-Sabotage, by Pat Pearson

Mindset, The New Psychology of Success by Dr Carol S. Dweck

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

Becoming Supernatural, Dr Jo Dispensa

Think, Learn, Succeed, Dr Caroline Leaf

Creative Visualisation, by Shakti Gawain

The Power of Positive Thinking, Normal Vincent Peale

The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer



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